What is #OrganicSeptember

Organic September aims at encouraging people, like you, to make planet-positive decisions by listening to nature. A small swap to organic can make a huge difference to our planet!

Browse amongst the pages of our Online Store where you will find plenty of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines!!! Go on, do your bit for the planet and grab a bottle of wine! And don’t forget to recycle!!

This #OrganicSeptember let’s listen to Nature, and choose organic!

2023 marks 50 years of organic certification, meaning there will be even more to talk about, share and celebrate during Organic September. This year the campaign will raise awareness of the role farming and our food systems play in the climate and nature crisis, and prompt reappraisal of organic as a solution.

The campaign will be targeted to inspire public pressure on government and encourage those buying organic to make one more trip.

At Guest Wines we have a growing range of Organic Wines. We have seen an increase in demand over recent years and have responded by increasing our range.

Below there is a link to wines deemed organic. Please note: Only producers who have been certified are permitted to use the term ‘organic’ on their labels. However, there are many other producers who use organic principles but have not chosen to acquire official certification (for various reasons). And wines labelled ‘Natural’ or ‘Biodynamic’ are also organic in principle – some Biodynamic producers will have certification through such organisations such as DEMETER for example, whilst others will simply following biodynamic principles.

There is now a growing fraternity who go under the Regenerative Wine Making banner – similar to Biodynamics but science led instead of cosmos led. 

Plus! There is also a growing number of producers who also describe themselves as ‘Sustainable Winegrowers’ – here, organic and regenerative methods are used but interspersed with the occasional use of chemicals when and where required such as in wet weather when there is a real risk of disease and thus loss of crop.

Take your pick, the choice is yours!

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