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Dom Bliskowice Monday Lisa 2017, Vistula River Gorge Poland


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The first vine seedlings were planted in the fields of the villages of Bliskowice and Popów in the Annopol municipality in the spring of 2009. The pitches are located on the lofty slope of the Vistula valley, from where there is a picturesque view of the meandering river. This is the land of limestone hills: the Lesser Poland Gorge of the Vistula.

The southwestern exposure provides optimal sunlight. The slope drains cold spring air. The limestone substrate maintains the right level of moisture in the soil, and the Great River below is like an air conditioner: in winter it relieves frosts and in summer it disperses hailstorms.

Regent and Rondo are brought together in a combination of big used oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, and then aged for 34 months in French oak barrels from Meo Camuzet.

The wine is rounded despite the natural higher acidity for these grapes. Not filtered nor fined. No SO2 added.

Monday Lisa from Dom Bliskowice has a really funny label picturing an exhausted Monna Lisa holding a glass of wine. Not only the presentation is brilliant so is the wine itself! The bottle holds a fruity, elegant and complex juice, an explosion of blackberries both in the nose and on the palate. Lots of black cherries too, plus rosemary and a touch of moss.

Try with beef wellington, raised lamb shanks or vegetarian chili

Only 1 left in stock


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