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Dr Loosen Riesling Sekt Extra Dry NV Germany


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For over 200 hundred years, the Loosen family have been making wines near Bernkastel in the Middle Mosel and since 1988 the maverick, charismatic and lovable Erni has taken on the reigns. Erni is one of the most likeable characters in the wine world which makes it hard not to like his wines!

From the shadows of relative obscurity comes this fantastic Sekt. This sparkling Riesling from Erni Loosen’s Mosel vineyards is a top quality example very much in the minority for Sekt production. The vast majority of Sekt is mass produced wine, fermented in tank from juice obtained anywhere in Europe. This, however, is a Deutscher Sekt which means the grapes are German and the wine has been made in Germany. In this case, solely produced in the famous South West valley of the Mosel.

As for the wine itself, this Sekt is a traditional style with second fermentation in bottle which is then filtered via the transfer method. This is a practice rarely used in sparkling wine production whereby any sediment is removed in tank as opposed to disgorgement techniques used in places such as Champagne. Because this is a traditional method sparkling wine, it has a deeper complexity than, say, a tank produced light sparkling wine such as Prosecco.

The wine shows some light aromatics and flavours of green apple, lemon, lime, peach and apricot alongside richer buttery, toasted notes from the 9 months lees ageing. 12g/l RS

Sekt is traditionally served in Champagne glasses as an apéritif. Sekt goes well with salmon canapés, bruschetta, delicious vol-au-vents or puff pastry filled with ragout fin. A good Sekt such as this one can also be paired with a light starter such as poached fish or steamed vegetables.



In stock


Germany sparkling wine


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