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Orange Edition Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Familia Bresesti Corte Naranja, Canelones Uruguay


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It was built in 1937, its main structure is used today to make their fine wines respecting tradition and making all fermented in concrete vats buried below ground level. The original cellar consists of a module of 6 pools of 6000 liters, 5 of 8000 and 4 of 19000. In turn, in its main basement, their wines rest before going on sale. From 2015, they recovered an old grinding machine from the past and began to use it for the elaboration of their wines given its minimal intervention in the process and doing the grinding by gravity on each pool. Beyond the constant innovation of the family, they preserve the artisanal and traditional processes in their wines.

Orange wines are those fermented and aged with their skins for an Indeterminate time. The contact with the same wine modifies its flavours, structure, aromas and colour, achieving an atypical wine to those traditionally known of the same variety.

Wine fermented and aged for 7 months, resulting in this fantastic liquid gold! Unfiltered.

Great with goats’ cheese with orange and pineapple fruit and ham pizza, lamb biryani with fragrant rice, baba ghanoush, grilled octopus, roast and/or caramelised veg, especially root vegetables like Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac. Also think of serving orange wine with a whole roast cauliflower or with caramelised endives. Nutty grains like farro, freekeh and bulgar (cracked wheat). It’s good with whole-wheat couscous too. Hard – and semi-hard – sheep cheese, so good with Manchego and similar hard sheep cheeses but also with grilled halloumi and a salty sheep cheese like feta!

In stock


Uruguay orange wine